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Dear present and future partners, Welcome to Eastern Europe Training and Certification Network – a web platform of ICT quality training and certification market in Eastern Europe.

The first step in building of ICT T&C Network has an ambitious aim to include ICT training and certification providers in the Eastern Europe region in a common capacity fund. This initiative will make ICT training and certification more effective and accessible for the ICT companies and individuals resulting in more benefits and profits for both sides.

The network constitution is a continuation of the systematic USAID activities to support the establishment of a common regional ICT brand based on high quality and innovations. Now, on that base we aim at facilitating the direct contacts between training and certification suppliers and ICT companies in competitiveness improvement and quality standards achieving. The training and certification organizations have the opportunity to:
  • foster the processes in knowledge and programs exchanging and sharing;
  • be promoted by international networks and organizations;
  • support modernization of ICT education;
  • elaborate and disseminate a common message to ICT companies and individuals in order to encourage them to enhance the quality and to improve their capacity;
  • reinforce country’s/ region’s international promotion campaigns by positioning the country as a market leader in a key growth area.
Cross-sector and cross-border collaboration will further unravel the regional ICT sector capacity. Thus, the region will become well recognized and competitive “high technology and high quality hub” with advanced knowledge economy and society.

All organizations and individuals who perform or develop ICT training and certification services are invited to join the network in the following knowledge areas:

Strategic Business Management, Operational Management (business, financial, marketing, ISO 9001 etc.), Project Management (e.g. PMI, 4cPM of University of Cambridge, AAPM etc. ), Software Development Process Improvement (e.g. CMMI for Development, SPICE, etc.), ICT SERVICES Process Improvement (e.g. ISO 20000, ITIL,CMMI for Services, etc.), Information Security (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 27002, CCSP and CCIE of CISCO), Vendor specific development platforms and methodologies (e.g. Microsoft, HP, CISCO, ORACLE, IBM, RUP, etc.), Others - please feel free to add any others ICT training and certification services that are beneficial to your work.

This platform is open for training and certification providers – you can apply for membership by completing company profile, and at least one service with details concerning the type of provided service. The main requirement is that it has been implemented successfully in the knowledge areas indicated, and your customers can prove it. Then you can extend or update your portfolio.

If your ICT company wants to make use of a world recognized standard in training or certification service in order to increase the capacity or to gain more competitive assets – here you can find the most suitable solution for your scale and scope.
Dr. George Sharkov
Regional Manager
European Software Institute - Eastern Europe

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