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News  » 1 Юли 2015 , Oriahovitza
by European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe

From theory to WhiteHat: Cryptology and Cyber Resilience

19 -26 July 2015 (Sunday-Sunday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria

One intensive week of theory, practice and discussions: 4-hour lectures and tutorials by international experts extended with practical workshops, labs and seminars, simulations, round-table discussions and working groups on hot topics.

Topics of the year – the specific focus areas for 2015 edition will be:

• Crypto for cloud – Searchable encryption and Homomorphic encryption (with practical simulations and demo-kit)
• Crypto and security for smart devices – Internet of Things, the emerging standard of “industrial Internet”, theory and practice (semi-autonomous, robots) – specific aspect: Side channel attacks


• elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), symmetric key, lattice-based cryptography
• efficient arithmetic and integer factorization
• functional encryption – identity-based encryption (IBE) and attribute-based encryption (ABE
• curve-based cryptography – theoretical and practical aspects
• pairing-based cryptography
• blind signatures and e-voting schemes
• secure communications


• personal secure devices, mobile security
secure architectures, “security by design” aspects
• biometrics for security, multi-factor security (incl. “intuitive” methods)
• e-Voting – practical realization
• security in the cloud – searchable encryption lab
• side-channel resistance – practical labs and simulation

And your favorite CTF*BG round (Capture The Flag) by CyResLab (of ESI CEE) RED <>BLUE teams in 3 sessions:

• CTF “warm up” & challenges explained
• active security – MITM demos, PKI & SSL, Secure Coding digest
• CTF*BG Ultimate

Round table discussions

• e-voting and e-Government (Bulgaria, Europe)
• collective Cyber Resilience – stakeholders engagements and commitments
• What’s next – threats and challenges

"To prepare the researchers and IT practitioners for the digital security and resilience of our business and e-life TOMORROW, we must design and develop on what will be AFTER TOMORROW."