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The networking and knowledge sharing within the network is a basis for the competitiveness of the organizations. A big part from small and medium sized ICT companies has not the necessary potential (financial and organizational) to manage with the challenges of collecting, development, applying and deployment of the knowledge. The big organizations also need different players and partners for research, testing, control of resources, other outsourcing activities. The creation of networks between stakeholders transforms into necessity. The technology progress makes easier the network processes – connecting and communication, knowledge transfer, management of IPR etc.

Within the listed reasons and needs the Regional ICT training and certification network will require allocation of resources and efforts only for knowledge transfer/ sharing. The network participants will exchange on a well grounded basis and purposefully knowledge about the market of ICT training and certification services, different problem solutions, curricula, data and statistics etc. The network will serve as a platform for partner searching, possibilities exchange, new services/ products promotion, fundamental for development of formal industry unions and other business activities.

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